Sunday, August 17, 2008

Commuter / Cruiser

Newport Beach, CA
I took my first trip from home to work, the map re-routed to avoid the highway. It added about four miles to the overall commute and an extra half hour. Well worth the added fuel economy. Also, I realized you can gauge your speed by the level of wind noise. Pretty handy, since I am most comfortable with my head up and scanning the road. The old 'SEE' from the MSF course - Search, Evaluate, Execute. All of this worked out pretty handy when I was on the PCH between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach where the speed limit rises to 55 mph. This means, of course, that the slowest car on the road is doing at least 60. And at 60 the wind noise level is REALLYF&$@INGLOUD. Good to know. 

Laguna Beach, CA
Another observation...maybe it is just living in the OC, but I haven't found any lack of brotherhood from other two-wheeled conveyances. I get the head nod or wave from other scooterista, crotch-rocket racers, cruisers, touring bikers, and even choppers. No one was more excited, however, than the Michelin Man when I showed him the branding on my tire walls. :)

 Lake Forest, CA
I purchased a little protection today - a Scorpion 'Exo' type jacket from Mission Motorsports in Irvine. After a few rides in short sleeves, as 'free' as that feels, I can't help thinking, er, yeah, dude, you are moving along at a pretty good clip. What if? What if, indeed. Pounded a nail today and hung it up in the garage, so it's easy to remember. 

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