Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Service Visit

It says 'Free Please Take One,' but apparently they mean the Weekly Mags 
on the floor, NOT the vintage scooter. They were real adamant about that.

When I hit about 550 miles last week, I called Newport Beach Vespa to schedule a service appointment, which was due at 625 miles. Odd how you just want to give them your money when your 'baby' is brand new, eh? Sales Associate Lisa, or 'Pony' as her business card says, told me not to worry about it and just call when I rolled past 600. I did that yesterday, and was scheduled to come in today after work. By then I had 693 on the odometer. Anyway, for an oil change and a thorough check-up, I was set back $118 and change. Ouch, eh?I try not to pay more than $40 bucks for an oil change on my full-sized pickup. 
The good news was everything is running perfectly, with no problems. I sorta anticipated paying a premium for service when I bought it. I figure it will encourage me to get a shop manual and learn to do oil changes and other basic maintenance on my own. At least while she's under warranty, I guess I'll keep taking her to the dealer. Anyone out there have a different opinion about that? I know some out there in the blogosphere do their own maintenance, but how does it affect the warranty?
Another query for my fellow LX riders...how close to empty have you brought the 2.3 gallon tank? I've had the amber warning light blinking like I was on vapors, only to top off at 1.1 gallons, but today it only flickered once or twice and sucked down 1.662 gallons. 

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bobskoot said...


I don't like to leave my tank too low. I have a ritual for determining when to fill, but first as soon as my light goes on I fill immediately at the next station. I do this a few times to determine the baseline/standard so that I can rely on the fact that when the light comes on I know how much gas is left and how far it will take me. After I have done all my calculations then I just fill by elapsed mileage from the trip meter.