Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick Review: LX150 Top Case

Garage Days. Mission Viejo, CA

So, I finally rationalized and argued the pros/cons in my head long enough to justify purchasing the top case. I'd have to agree with most of the comments I've read researching the product on the internet. On the positive side, it looks great.. It is designed specifically for the LX50 or LX150 and color-keyed to match any of the factory paint. It doesn't look aftermarket or cheap.
There are some well-documented downsides, however. For the cost, it does seem a little cheap, despite looking real swell. The included rear carrier rack is very sturdy, and also color-keyed, but the top case itself is completely plastic. Kind of odd when you buy a scooter as sturdy as the Vespa, that they would manufacture a component part with such insubstantial materials. Of course, being plastic rather than metal, it adds almost zero weight. I found myself glancing back from time to time to see if it was even there. And if you follow the recommended load restrictions of less than 12 lbs, I can't imagine the balance of the ride would be affected in the least.

Bottom line: It's beautiful and matches the LX perfectly, both color and shape, but it's a bit small for the price and I wish Piaggio would have found a way to use more substantial materials in the construction.

Some notes on installation: The instructions I received with my shipment were almost completely in Italian. There were a few pics, and an illustration or two, but not real user-friendly overall. For the record, you'll need a medium-sized Phillips Head Screwdriver, a 5/32" Hex Wrench and a socket wrench with a telescoping attachment. 10mm will loosen the corresponding bolts.


Steve Williams said...

I've struggled for years over whether to buy a top case for my Vespa. When it is raining I think it would be so great to have something like that to keep the water out. When I am strapping a 80 pound bag of sand on the back or a Xmas tree I am glad I don't have one.

But still I keep thinking about it. For now I am making due with the MotoFizz soft bag. Just wish I would have gotten the medium size instead of the small...

Yours looks nice.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

bobskoot said...


I don't think I could function without one, and of course, they are dockable (so can be detached), but I leave mine on all the time. My scoot has terrible storage under the seat. I need a place to secure my helmet and other valuables. Yours looks very nice, mine is just GIVI black